Keep Your Property Warm and Cozy

Keep Your Property Warm and Cozy

Make an appointment for heating repair in Springfield, MO

When cold weather hits, don’t be left stuck with a heater that doesn’t work. Ozark York, Inc. offers expert heating repair services in the Springfield, MO area. We repair heating units at residential and commercial properties, and we work with all makes and models of equipment. Call us today to make an appointment.


Investing in a brand-new heater is expensive—most heaters can be fixed with a simple repair. But if you don’t repair your unit right away, the problem could get worse. Call Ozark York to schedule heating repair if you notice any of these issues:

  1. The unit’s filters are clogged or dirty.
  2. It won’t distribute heat evenly.
  3. It’s making strange noises.

We’ll examine your unit thoroughly to determine the cause of the problem. Contact us today to schedule residential or commercial heating service in Springfield, MO or the surrounding area.